Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Stir With Love

As we enter the holiday season, I can't help but think of all the cooking and baking that will go on all over the country. I consider myself very lucky, because my husband is an excellent cook. And, he is really wonderful about stepping in and helping prepare holiday meals. But, I can't help but notice that we have very different cooking "styles."

To me, preparing a meal begins with opening the freezer and deciding what I can thaw in fifteen minutes.

To my husband, preparing a meal begins with sharpening the knives.

I can measure out ten different ingredients using the same measuring cup. I will measure all the dry ingredients first, and then the liquid ones, just so I don't have to rinse and dry the measuring cup.

He will use every measuring cup and measuring spoon we have, and even some I didn't know we had.

If a recipe calls for two bowls, I will use the measuring cup as one of the bowls.

He will dirty half a dozen bowls in his attempt to find two the right size.

To add extra flavor, I will grab black pepper and the first jar I see containing something green.

He will get out a mortar and pestle, mix together a dozen different herbs and spices, resulting in a magical fragrance and taste.

I take full advantage of the microwave oven.

He believes the microwave oven is for cooking instant oatmeal, and nothing else.

I clean up as I go.

After he is done cooking, the kitchen needs to be hosed down, including the ceiling.

And, last but not least...

My meal is rubbery and bland.

His meal is robust, savory, and delectable.

Happy eating, everyone!


Entertaining Women said...

He carves the turkey beautifully and makes the best breakfast in the state. I do everything else, and it's a happy division of labors. Your post made me smile a lot! I pray that you had a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by family & friends. Cherry Kay

Natasha in Oz said...

That sounds like our house except I am the chef and my hubby is the one who would rather eat a bowl of cheerios for dinner than make something simple like some scrambled eggs.

Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate your kind words. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Best wishes,

Marigene said...

After we married my husband seemed to have lost any cooking skills he ever had..he said he can't compete with me!
Enjoy this holiday weekend, Elaine.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
We also had a wonderful dinner. with lot's of pies !! my hubby loves pie and he did eat one hold pie...!!
He also love cheerios. He need to go back to the Cheerios and more pie for him.
XXOO Diane
Thanks so much for your sweet comments.

Kelly said...

What a cute story! My husband is a good cook too. I think we're about equal in our cooking styles though. It's nice to cook with someone and not just for someone. I just wish that I had help in the kitchen when it's time to clean up. That doesn't seem to happen too much. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too!

Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

This is a sweet post. It's the same at my home. I appreciate the mess my husband makes and don't mind the clean up as long as he keeps cooking.